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Hosting a baby sweep and baby web site at is a fun way to celebrate the birth of a newborn. Participants can guess the day and time of the birth and the weight and length of the baby, suggest names and view gift registry items. Expectant parents can share the joy and excitement of a pregnancy with their family and friends.

What is a Baby Sweep?

A baby sweep is a game where participants try to guess information about the birth of a baby.  For instance if a baby sweep is based on time participants must guess the day and hour of the birth and the winner will be the participant who guesses closest to the actual day and hour of the birth.  Now if you know the actual time of the birth, for example in the case of a cesarean birth you may choose to have a game based on weight and length.  If the baby sweep is based on Weight and Length the participants must guess the weight and length of the birth and the winner will be the participant who guesses closest to the actual weight and length. More information about baby sweeps...

Take a look at the Demonstration Baby Sweep.
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The Demonstration Baby Sweep

Baby Shower Game

Do you want to host a baby shower but time and distance make getting all those guests together at one time difficult?  Host a baby sweep as a baby shower game and get everyone together online, send invitations and have your guests contribute to the purchase of baby shower gifts, it's easy.
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Office Sweep

Tired of getting hit up at work to buy your colleague a gift?  Well now you can do it with some fun and excitement. Host a baby sweep for your office and get your co-workers to contribute and participate and someone will get to be a winner.
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Baby Poll

Design your own baby poll or survey for your participants. In your baby sweep at you can include baby polls or baby surveys to get your friends and family involved. For instance start a baby poll to determine what name everyone likes best or a baby poll to see who the baby will resemble the most.
Baby PollMore about a baby poll... hosts The Bear Belly Baby Sweep and have teamed up for what has been billed as The World's largest Baby Sweep. It all started with who sponsored... More on The Bear Belly Baby Sweep

How does it work?

All baby sweeps are displayed graphically in a matrix.  The matrix design divides the game into blocks.  A day and hour baby sweep would have the days running horizontally and the hours of a day running vertically.  This design makes it easy for people to participate, all they have to do is click on the blocks they want to reserve and when a participant is done selecting blocks they click the "Reserve Blocks" button and enter their name and e-mail address. Read MoreRead more about the baby sweep page and matirx.
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An example of the Baby Sweep matrix

What do you get with a baby sweep at

At each baby sweep is its own web site and has:

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Once you register your Baby Sweep has an Evaluation Status with limited functionality. This will allow you to evaluate's service before you make a purchase. Purchases can be made in groups of 5 participants up to 25 participants at which time your babysweep will allow an unlimited number of participants.

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